"Almost half of all paint sales are generated from people picking the wrong paint." Barbara Green - AOL Real Estate

 Color is the foundation of great design.  It is emotional and can set the tone and mood of the space. Since color is emotional, it can play a role in how a room is perceived and can have an impact on one's energy level, emotions and sense of order.  It can set the tone in interiors and can make them seem warm and inviting or cool and distant, formal or informal.  Color is complicated and can be costly if not done right.  We are certified color experts and can help! 

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Below is a before and after transformation.  Notice the impact changing the wall color made on the look and feel of this room.  


We are certified color experts that specialize in helping clients make the right color choices to achieve a Color Perfect Home!  Color is complicated and if done wrong can be a very timely and costly mistake.  Since paint and color choices cannot be made in a vacuum, we follow a 6 step color read process that starts with your preferences.  We assess your current furnishings and finishes and then pull it all together to create the right paint color palette for your home.

  •  We narrow down the paint color choices in our Color Perfect Consultation. I bring in large color samples that I leave with you so you can get used to seeing the color on the walls before you hire a painter.
  • At the end of our consultation time, you will have a thorough plan for each paint color to use for walls, trim, ceilings and cabinets.
  • We will provide you with a set of design ideas you can do yourself down the road to enhance the space and color palette we have chosen

      Color Perfect Home Consultation Packages:

  • $350 - Color Perfect Home Consultation – up to 4 rooms and 2 hours  (Entries, hallways included).             
  • $590 - Color Perfect Whole Home Consultation – up to 10 rooms and 4 hours  (Entries, hallways included).
  • $100 per Room - Minimum of 3 rooms  (i.e. kid’s rooms or additional room with package) 

Initial Consultation package with any additional hours reverting to a $125 hourly rate

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